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The TRO ruling came late this afternoon. Judge Grischow granted the TRO to teachers and students named in the respective lawsuits. Many celebrations are ringing throughout the state! Several families have questions that will be answered in due time. Enjoy this HUGE win, Illinois!

Awake IL will be hosting a live FB panel discussion tomorrow with updates. Also check American Freedom Society for updates from Attorney Thomas DeVore. Ryan Cunningham of Speak for Students provided a FB message earlier.

For now, we are so honored to share this victory for liberty!

Read the ruling for the parent case here or download it below. Congrats to all the families who participated as plaintiffs, who donated to the lawsuit, and who supported this amazing effort to protect due process under the law.

Special thanks to Attorney Thomas DeVore, Judge Grischow, the county clerks/staff, and all who worked tirelessly in this process. Onward!

TRO Order 2-4-2022
Download PDF • 1.67MB

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