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Here we go again. Let's do this, Illinois. Time to submit opposition to house bill 5548 and have YOUR voice heard. Filed by democrat Rep. Mary Beth Canty (54th district), HB5548 would permit Illinois courts to override parents who do NOT agree to gender affirmation of their children, whether they live in Illinois or not. This is considered a "trans trafficking" bill similiar to Maine's that would push kids into the harmful gender medicalization profiteering complex. We strongly oppose and encourage you to SHARE this effort with ALL of your networks. Also check out our livestream videos of national voices who are working to protect children from this wicked agenda.

When opposing Rep. Anne Stava-Murray's house bill 4876, more than 3,000 emails were sent from our easy 1-click form at which halted the advancement through committee. We can do it again! This form will send your opposition directly to the bill sponsors and the committee.

Read the bill synopsis:

Who sponsored this bill? Take a look and do your part to see them VOTED OUT in November if they have a challenger.

More and more data shows children suffer irreparable harm after bring pushed into the trans pipeline:


Stay tuned to Awake Illinois for updates and continued calls of action. Together, we will fight this evil. Thank you for doing your part to protect the kids!

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