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WOW! We did it! House Bill 4876 has been halted--for now. We will NOT relax on this issue.

Awake Illinois launched an unparalleled media and advocate campaign on February 11, 2024 to bring awareness to house bill 4876 filed by Rep. Stava Murray. This bill has awakened more Illinois parents and communities to the harms of gender ideology and medicine.

We are SO grateful to the national voices who joined our livestreams to empower our state--any beyond. WATCH THEM ALL at

Additionally, we appreciate the media outlets that covered this radical and harmful bill and why our organization advocates to protect children from this wicked agenda. These include Bishop On Air, Daniel Monaghan with NTD, and Brandon Poulter of Daily Caller.

Thanks to the more than 2,900 people who submitted opposition emails to Rep. Anne Stava Murray and the Rules Committee. Your voices mattered. Rep. Stave Murray confirmed she wouldn't proceed with the bill.

She clearly was triggered by the pushback and went so far as to comment on Awake Illinois President Shannon Adcock's personal Facebook page to call her a "sad person" the day our advocacy campaign launched.

Not a good look for a sitting state legislator, is it?

Yes, Anne learned the hard way that ALL WALKS OF LIFE are calling out her lies: there is NO such thing as a trans kid. Our Livestream series "Protect The Kids" welcomed national voices-gay advocates, transsexuals, and parents who are COMMITTED to protecting children from the harms of gender ideology. The feedback on this series has been INCREDIBLE.

Her Facebook post referencing her bill and a link to the Human Rights Campaign, received more than 800 comments--most were OPPOSSED to her bill. Recently, President Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden spoke at a Human Rights Campaign event where she likened protecting kids from porn as a step towards the holocaust. HUH?!

Anne was quite flummoxed--clearly the pressure worked. The only bigots, Anne, are the people to support the mutilation and sterilization of children. Full stop. Please consider supporting Aaron Porter who is running as a Republican against Democrat Rep. Anne Stava Murray.

Your donations will help us continue with our one of a kind advocate platform here in Illinois. We look forward to hosting more national voices on upcoming livestreams and scheduling a larger circuit of townhalls across the state. We'd love to highlight the issues in YOUR area and how we can support your civic goals. Submit this form to get updates on area events.

Additionally your donations will help us support Illinois candidates who will protect children and parental rights. Our 2024 Pledge is now live and we encourage you to ask political candidates for any office to sign this pledge as we head into the November elections.

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