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Another Victory

Well, JCAR finally took a stand. JCAR, the legislature’s review board that approves administrative rules created by state agencies, voted 9-0-2 to block the reimplementation of the governor’s rule. The committee, made up of six Republicans and six Democrats, needed eight votes to strike down the rule.

Photo taken after submitting a written statement to JCAR in Sept 2021.

Last September, Awake IL went to the JCAR meeting to witness the committee questioning ISBE and IDPH on their emergency rules. Our appeal was met with silence. On December 30, 2021, Awake IL submitted a proposal to JCAR requesting a halt to the ISBE "emergency" rule.

While we would have liked to see this effort by JCAR taken months ago, it's a victory for IL citizens struggling under the tyrannical overlording of Governor Pritzker.

A decision from the Appellate Court is expected soon regarding the Grischow ruling from Sangamon that granted the TRO on Feb. 4, 2022. An estimated 600 districts statewide have shifted to mask optional since the ruling. Yes, the dominos are falling and anyone who is celebrating! Onward!

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does this mean starting Wed no school can mandate masks?

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