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Return to Normal IL Coalition Letter*

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

*Updated July 21st, 2021:

Welcome, Joliet Diocese Parent Collaboration, to the Coalition.


Share with your school boards and administrators.

Post to social media.

Read the coalition letter at your board meetings.

Proclaim the message loudly and proudly: Return to Normal for the 2021-2022 school year.

Download PDF • 9.33MB

Many parents are asking: "How do we continue to fight this war on their children?"

Here is how:

1) You enlist at

2) Browse all the articles and resources available at our website ranging from health rights to critical race theory, and more. We are partnered with national (FAIR, Parents Defending Ed, Ed First) and state organizations (IL Children's Health Defense Chapter, FAIR Chicago) to pool resources and provide polished messaging.

3) Share the coalition letter and video that is being updated with new advocate groups each week. Read the letter at your Board of Education meetings and pass it around to attendees. More coalition initiatives will happen going forward (HEALTH/CRT/SEX ED).

4) Utilize student health rights forms at; new forms coming after this week's round of board meetings.

5) Engage your friends and neighbors on how they too can be AWAKE advocates for the civil rights issue of our time: Children + Education

We are Awake IL and they can't cancel us.

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