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Lurie Children's Hospital pushes "Never Fear" in IL Schools

BREAKING: This is Chicago-based Lurie Children's Hospital "Never Fear" series and they're selling it to IL school districts. Watch the video and share it on Twitter here. Matt Walsh criticized this video in the Fall.

There is more to come on this explosive content that children's hospitals/clinics are pushing across the US to fund the synthetic sexual identity industry. Moms and Dads need to wake up!

See the fee structure quoted to a Chicago suburban school district in Nov. 2022 by Dawn Ravine, the director for Sex Ed sales to IL schools:

In August 2022, we invited Billboard Chris to our Common Sense Caravan to Springfield. He's sounding the alarm across North America and last week, Awake IL submitted a donation to his efforts as part of our charitable mission to defend children. We kindly ask you to consider doing the same and mention that you are with Awake IL!

Learn more about how IL is pushing the National Sex Education Standards as exposed in the Awake IL "No S.I.R. Series". Use the opt-out forms to be the barrier between your child and anyone looking to indoctrinate/groom minors. Stay tuned for Twitter spaces and FB live conversations as we inform parents and communities of this radical and grotesque agenda.


The War on Biological Truth

Follow the science, right?

Listen to atheist Richard Dawkins Richard explain (around minute 14:00) that as a biologist who studies evolution, he can say with confidence that when it comes to gender "There are two sexes and that's all there is to it". Richard also suggests that people such as JK Rowling have been bullied on social media for standing up for their opinion which he claims is damaging to society by not having the wider debate on the issue.

Sound familiar? How many times has Awake IL been harassed/defamed and had our events threatened? The left attempts to hold veto power over society because they are incapable of debate. We're Awake, however, and cannot be canceled.

Your donations are greatly appreciated in helping us offset administrative costs such as the website and our new office location. Currently, all of our leadership is volunteer-based and they take no income from the organization.

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