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On August 16, 2022, a diverse group of advocates united at the ILLINOIS state capitol to defend children and liberty.

They are called "homophobic", "racist", "hate group", "nazis", "fascists" by the misinformed and the by woke media purely because they defend children against child mutilation,

public school indoctrination, and anti-Americanism.


Listen to their words.

Decide for yourself.

A special thanks to the following speakers. Visit the timestamps below to listen to their remarks on defending children and liberty. 


@3:00 IL Rep. Adam Neimerg, IL Rep. Blaine Wilhour, and IL Rep. Chris Miller

@13:00 Fmr. IL Sen. Darren Bailey

@21:00 Attorney Thomas DeVore

@29:55 Latasha Fields, Team Illinois

@45:10 Jesse Sullivan, Fmr. Candidate for Governor and Father of 5

@51:15 Frank McCormick, Chalkboard Heresy

@1:06:00 Stephanie Trussel, Fmr. Candidate for Lt. Governor

@1:12:00 Scarlett Johnson, Moms for Liberty Wisconsin

@1:16:48 Chris Elston, Billboard Chris

@1:28:40 Scott Newgent, of Trevoices and What is a Woman?

@1:59:30 CLOSING

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