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One year and 3 days ago (August 2021), students began to be expelled from the first day of school for daring to harness due process rights to free, un-masked faces.

By the Fall, more than 700 parents had to file a lawsuit in defense of due process for their children.

Thanks to the leadership of Plaintiff attorney Thomas DeVore, loving and determined parents, supportive communities, and hopeful students, THIS is good news:

"Today Judge Grishow allowed 110 school districts which filed sworn affidavits that no mask or exclusion policies were in place, and with no intention of implementing them, to be dismissed from the case. Those districts which failed to file such an affidavit remain in the case. The Governor and his agencies were also dismissed after the Attorney Generals Office admitted to the judge the states guidance has always been nothing but recommendations. I will continue to pursue claims against the school districts which will not proclaim under oath to discontinue harmful mask and exclusion policies. Should any of the school districts being dismissed reinstate their policies, I will immediately drag the district back to Court. Judge Grischow's ruling is based upon these commitments made by the school districts and the state parties under oath. Today is a good day for the 110 school districts listed below. We will continue the case with the remaining 34 school districts. We do not have a ruling yet related to the teacher's case."

-Attorney Thomas DeVore to the Parent Case #1 Plaintiffs 8/12/22

HEARING DOCUMENT with list of schools that were dismissed:

Congrats to the families in these districts. To the remaining, keep the faith. We stand with you and the effort to protect your rights under the law.

Make sure you are registered to vote. Politicians make policies that affect people. The policies drafted by Governor JB Pritzker, Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), and Illinois State Board of Education harmed people. They were supported by weak school boards (those elections are April 4, 2023-stay tuned!).

Vote better November 8, 2022!


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