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Freedom Smiles

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

Dalai Lama XIV

Today, in Williamson County, IL, a Mother and Father walked their 3rd, 2nd, and Kinder children to school without masks for their first day of school. The children walked to their classrooms and when asked if they would put on a mask, all three said "No thank you."

The parents were called in to the principal office where they asked for documentation of why their children would not have access to their public school education. They were issued suspension slips.

This is history in the making. These young children and their little voices are most certainly not too small to make a difference.

They took a stand today for so many parents and students throughout Illinois and beyond. We thank this family for bravely taking this step in defense of their legal rights and protections. They reached out to Awake IL to share their story and gave permission for it to be shared publicly.

When they walk their children to school again tomorrow, they will know they aren't alone. Who is inspired by this action? Please drop a line of "thanks" to this family by commenting at this tweet. Video of your family saying "thank you" would be awesome too. Share this story with your communities and walk together, united in defense of your child's rights to a public education. Regardless of what may cover our children's faces due to an illegal mandate by Governor Pritzker, et. al., we are Awake and we cannot be canceled.

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I praise and admire you children and your parents! We all need your Holy Spirit courage!!!


Mallory Ledbetter
Mallory Ledbetter
Aug 11, 2021

Replying to

No deaths though, all recovering... the truth is mask don’t do a thing, it’s all garbage... only N95 can give you some protection, all the others all GARBAGE


These kids are awesome stand up for your freedom :)


Well done. If only more of us would stop fearing those who take absurd liberties with the authority that we bestow upon them.


Bravo! People often criticize the brave to cover up their own cowardice.

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