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Student Warrior

Don't underestimate your voice -- keep elevating and awakening your communities! One IL high schooler named Addison George used her voice when she spoke at her school board meeting and made national news.

In his Newsweek article "The Voice of a Silenced and Suffering Generation", Max Eden aptly remarks:

"[Addison] didn't speak in the woke-propaganda-Newspeak that the "mainstream" media loves to amplify. Rather, she spoke from the heart with wit and verve, pulling off a magisterial performance of satirical gratitude."

Addison was later invited to D.C. by Congressman Kevin McCarthy where she was able to speak on how pandemic policies adversely affected students in her community.

Voices like Addison are inspiring a generation. Awake Illinois is pleased to present her with the Advancing Freedom Award honoring her commendable advocacy for Students' Rights and Civil Liberties. Congrats, Addison - You give us hope for the future and we wish you a great rest of the school year!

Awake IL Vice President Josh McBroom, Warrior Addison George, Awake President Shannon Adcock

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