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Respectful Voices: NO to Drag Queens for Minors, Downers Grove Library

Awake Illinois has been actively educating communities about the harmful and obscene agenda of promoting sexual entertainment for minors. Most egregious, are the events promoted at tax-payer facilities.

Fortunately, due to the respectful advocacy of concerned parents and community members, the Downers Grove library drag queen bingo event for minors was canceled.

Awake Illinois spoke at the September 28th Library Board Meeting held at City Council Chambers to reiterate our message for community awareness. The meeting recording is below - public comments start at 17:40.

Awake Illinois President Shannon Adcock spoke about why the Drag Queen show for children is obscene and harmful.

"Why would a caricature [drag queen] of the gay community be considered a best practice? Just leave the kids alone. Awake IL asks implores any public entity or person entrusted with children-please don’t weaponize the word 'inclusivity' to project your own psychology or ideology."

-Shannon Adcock, Awake IL Founder and President

Awake Downers Grove Co-Chair Noel Manley spoke about the drag queen event and it's connection to the $86,000 Discovery Report paid for by tax payers.

"The Downers Grove taxpayer paid 86 thousand dollars for this divisive nonsense. What this report and its implementation attempts to do under the guise of diversity and inclusion is in fact the opposite instead of promotes divisiveness and exclusion and those responsible for wasting taxpayer dollars should be held accountable for this politically incendiary report."

-Noel Manley, Awake Downers Grove Co-Chair


The larger agenda by Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Democrats has been on our radar since SB818 was introduced to the IL Legislature.

This agenda is permeating through too many tax payer funded bodies that are pushing harmful agendas on children.

We encourage parents to learn about this effort and to OPT OUT of public school comprehensive sex ed. We are available to give presentations to any parent group, organization, and/or religious institution that is interested in learning about the depth of this radical agenda. Contact us to schedule.

Sample lesson for 2nd graders for any district that is adopting the National Sex Ed Standards pushed and passed by IL Democrats:

Lesson outline for grades K-2 after Democrats made Illinois the ONLY STATE to adopt these radical standards:

Learn more about these standards at

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