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PRESS RELEASE: Parents Bill of Rights



Awake Illinois


April 25, 2022

Gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey supports with first pledge

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS, April 2022 — AWAKE ILLINOIS announced a Parents Bill of Rights resolution during the April 20, 2022 IL State Board of Education meeting. Superintendent Carmen Ayala and all members of the board were in attendance.

The initiative aims to reinforce the fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their children. AWAKE ILLINOIS President Shannon Adcock, a mother of three public school children, remarked, “After two years of failed pandemic policies, an abysmal state schools report card, classroom activism/socialism replacing academics, and worrisome mental health stats of our youth, a sleeping giant has awakened and we go by ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ ”. The resolution highlights topics such as school choice, curriculum transparency, and parental notifications.

AWAKE ILLINOIS Director and 17-year school board veteran Steve Lucie commented to the board, “Leaders stand up and say when something is wrong, if people are being hurt. We are going to stand up, take it on our shoulders, and fight for what is right for our kids.”

On April 24, 2022, Gubernatorial candidate State Sen. Darren Bailey was the first to pledge his support. During a Facebook live announcement, Sen. Bailey remarked, “Illinois is going to be the difference. We shape up our schools, we start lifting up the family unit, we start saving our children. It's going to be Illinois in the next two years that's going to be the catalyst for that change for this entire nation. I look forward to leading the way."

All candidates running for elected office are invited to pledge support.

Names will be listed at the AWAKE ILLINOIS Parents Bill of Rights website as they are received.

AWAKE ILLINOIS was launched May 2021 as a grassroots movement of fellow parents and citizens who are committed to protecting our children, our liberties, and our American way of life. The non-partisan 501(c)(4) helps parents and community members engage their communities with current and relevant information that will empower them to be involved volunteers and advocates. Its first chapter was chartered in Naperville and currently has 30 chapters throughout the state. For more information, please visit



Parents Rights PR 4.25.22
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PBRP 2022
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