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"No S.I.R." Series Launch

This 10-part advocacy series is being released in modules.

"The Genderbread Person"

Did you know your public schools could be teaching gender ideology to children young as Kindergarten? Well, a lot of IL parents and communities are very concerned. If you haven’t heard of the National Sex Education Standards, you may want to sit down. They’re radical and obscene to the point broadcasters wouldn't be able to share some of the content over the air.

This is content that could otherwise be shared with minors at school! It’s crazy, right?

To better understand the content of these lessons and the worries shared my many parents, educators, and communities, we’ve launched an awareness series titled “No S.I.R.”. What is SIR? S is for Sexualized, I is for Illiterate, and R is for Radicals. Are IL schools prepping students to become sexualized illiterate radicals? After watching this series, you tell us.

Visit & YouTube to watch the videos and share them. This series proves why the April 4th, 2023 school board elections will be so critical. Who you elect determines adoption of any sex ed curricula and also the district budget. Our mission is to respectfully advocate to preserve childhood innocence, to improve our public schools, and to defend our constitutional rights. There is no doubt Awake IL is the only nonpartisan grassroots organization that is putting people before politics. Become a member and have access to the amazing resources and events that are transforming IL communities for the better. Non tax deductible donations can also be made at our website. We don’t hide in the shadows—follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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