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Mrs. Latasha Fields, Warrior

Last week, Awake IL President Shannon Adcock and Director of Equality and Civil Rights in Education John Blakey presented Mrs. Latasha Fields (Ministers RonaldandLatasha Fields) with the Advancing Freedom Award for her commendable advocacy in Education and Parental Rights. Her faith and ministry is having an AMAZING impact on many young souls in the south side of Chicago. Her efforts (21st Ward Committee-person) and that of community leader Devin Jones (18th Ward Committee-person, Chair) are transforming the conversation on how to advance educational opportunities for Chicago youth.

She advocated last year against the Comprehensive Sex Ed bill SB0818.

"On May 28, the Illinois K-12 Sex Ed bill passed, The Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act (SB 818). This bill would require that schools teach the National Sex Education Standards, that are saturated with Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) that desensitize immoral sexuality such as masturbation, as normal child behavior, teaching children as young as 11 years old how to give and consent to sexual activity, encourages and advocates for radical child sexual rights and aggressively promote abortion as a contraception, wanting tampons in our boys bathroom, affirming homosexuality, pornography, transgender; queers, gender identity, sexual identity, and gender expression and teach our children that the nuclear family is a Western-prescribed structure. "

Latasha has been empowering families in Louisiana, Illinois, and beyond. We celebrate her efforts and look forward to partnering on education initiatives.

Visit her advocate site here: and follow her campaign for Lt. Governor of IL here.

Follow her on Twitter.


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