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ISBE, IDPH, and the IL War on Children

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

2/24/2022 UPDATE:

Read how Judy Kauerauf's ("little vectors" husband was denied confirmation by MO lawmakers in January 2022. They halted him becoming the next Health Director for the state of Missouri after Judy's involvement with IDPH, Shield Testing, and Vaccines was referenced as a concern. Her infamous remarks on the June 2021 IDPH webinar are heard in the above-referenced clip. So too is her remark "vaccine gives you power".


As the unprecedented 2020 school year closes, parents and IL policy makers are already battling each other regarding the 2021-2022 school year. Sadly, there is a war being waged against parental rights and ultimately, the children of Illinois.

The Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health have an "intergovernmental agreement" (@23:50) regarding Covid-19 testing, the push to vaccinate, and the application of discriminatory practices that disproportionately affects unvaccinated students. There is a vague loophole, per Dr. Carmen Ayala, for districts to provide remote learning for individual students that were eligible for vaccine and told to quarantine due to exposure, but the application will depend on local school boards opting to provide it.

Most damaging to this "intergovernmental agreement", is the lack of concern regarding the public health and safety of Illinois children. Per audio and video obtained from a June 10 IDPH Webinar, there is a clear agenda to push for vaccination and to gain parental consent prior to the start of the school year. Key words: Parental consent. Illinois parents who want autonomy over their children's health and safety, must speak up to their local school boards, ISBE, and IDPH; Waste no time.

Awake IL spoke to ISBE during the June 16th virtual meeting on behalf of IL parents and children issue guidance, not mandates on the aforementioned topics. Illinois parents are prepared to fight any policies that will discriminate students based on vaccination/health status. Parents are understandably worried about the oppressive effect of these policies on our children, or as IDPH Judy Kauerauf calls them: our "little vectors":

Download PDF • 464KB

Additionally, thanks to the Governor's obsession with emergency directives, IL is a wasteland of oppressive policies. Anyone wanting to fight the good fight, here's a tip: ISBE gets their directives from the governor’s office, specifically Jesse Ruiz, Illinois Deputy Governor for Education. Contact him here:

The CDC data lists 300 total Covid-19 child deaths in the U.S. as of May 26, 2021. The Emergency CDC meeting regarding vaccines safety (and the latest post-vaccine myocarditis incidents) was postponed due to the Juneteenth National Independence Day holiday. One has to wonder if Simone Scott's family would rather the CDC observe this "holiday" versus gaining knowledge on the risk-benefit of the vaccine.

Yes, there is war on our children and Awake IL is prepared to fight back and win. Thanks to the numerous people throughout our communities who are discussing these issues, reaching out to IL legislators/policy makers, and supporting each other. Together, we are tackling parental rights, racist curricula(CRT)/SB0818 sex ed standards, and more!

On a positive note, Congrats to the Warsaw Schools community as their board voted 5-1 this week on masks optional and no student/staff discrimination by vaccine status:

We encourage all IL communities to demand their local school boards survey their communities regarding expectations for the coming school year. We support the democratic autonomy of the elected school boards to represent the best interests of the constituency.

Our organization aims to make it easy for you to advocate for causes that are important to you. Are you ready to speak up and advocate? Chapters are starting throughout Illinois; links to them coming soon. Please support IL parents, children, and taxpayers and consider joining the movement and/or donating to support our advocacy.

We are Awake Illinois and they can't cancel us.


Shannon Adcock

Awake IL Founder and President

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