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Governor JB is the Grifter

Yesterday, Day 2 of the #Devore Parent TRO case wrapped up in Sangamon County. Awake IL Leadership was there to support the parents and advocates who have waited since October for this case to be argued before a judge. The Jan. 5th and Jan. 20th hearings saw defense attorneys throw everything but the kitchen sink (or maybe they did!) at Judge Grischow. At one point she used the word "circular" to describe the arguments.

Large group of plaintiffs in the courtroom, 1/20/22

The CPS attorney argued that children belong to the school, another district attorney likened the safety of football

helmets to the safety of facial coverings, yet another argued that there has been no harm done to children with the mask requirements at school. Several dismissed the Governor's EO by emphasizing districts "have local control". Huh?

Plaintiff Mom (Awake IL President) and Son with Attorney Tom DeVore

One of the more outlandish statements came from Assistant Chief Deputy Attorney General Thomas Verticchio who implied the 700 parents of 146 school

districts were the in the "minority". This is a court of law, not the prom court. Popularity has no bearing on legal ruling. The law is the law. Interestingly, Judge Grischow came back from the Jan. 5th lunch break saying her inbox was flooding with emails from frustrated parents referencing the "minority" remark.

During the court hearing yesterday, Governor Pritzker answered media questions about the unprecedented parent case. His answers quite clearly illustrate that he is the grifter who has stolen 2 years from children, families, and businesses.

This lawsuit is an unprecedented effort by Moms, Dads, and citizens statewide who are fighting for our children to be free from the real virus: Governor JB Pritzker's authoritarian mandates.

A ruling will come on or after Friday, January 28, 2022. Many prayers are being lifted.

This election year, make sure you are registered to vote. Be an election judge. Get out there and be part of the solution to our state's wrongdoings.

We must remember the Pritzker failures come November.

Our children demand it of us.

Stay tuned for a new initiative where Awake Illinois will be engaging with our communities on civic empowerment.

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