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Empowering IL

Thanks to Illinois Patriots for hosting today's event in Homer Glen. Hundreds of people attended from throughout the state and it was a privilege for Awake IL to join a passionate group of pro-America Illinoisans.

Alongside Warsaw IL advocate Steve Lucie, Awake IL shared how we are mobilizing throughout Illinois. There is no question that an ideological war is being waged on our liberties and most egregious, on our children. Awake IL believes that our children (and their education) is the civil rights issue of our time.

So when parents, citizens, educators, and students ask "All of this worries me but where do we start? How do we advocate?"

Well, to fight this will take and army so please enlist by joining Awake IL as a member and become part of the local advocacy that is creating waves of progress throughout our communities. With customized and branded messaging, we make it easy for you to elevate your voice and be one of MANY who are AWAKE. Each chapter is provided a tool kit that is updated with the latest templates, graphics, and forms to advocate:

We are tackling Critical Race Theory/Divisive Curricula by documenting any and all forms

of Civil Rights violations. We also are supplying and proposing the Policy on Equality and Civil Rights in Education. (New proposals are in the works such as the Policy on Academic Progress, which will promote accredited focus on literacy.)

We are supporting the many educators who are disillusioned with education in Illinois. From divisive curricula that is hyper-focused on race, sexuality, and civil rights violations, we are prepared to pursue litigation. Awake IL has partnered with a law firm and is ready to be a plaintiff in any and all constitutional violations (parents, educators, etc are unnamed and will retain anonymity).

This week, our advocates will be representing at board meetings throughout Illinois. Please attend your local BOE meetings! Check out the graphics below that were created and donated by Awake IL for communities in the name of supporting parental rights on masking, viral testing, Covid-19 vaccination, and prudent education of our children.

We are Awake IL and they can't cancel us.

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Dawn Bergeron
Dawn Bergeron
19 juli 2021

Is it possible to get a red shirt for Unit 5 Board Meeting in Bloomington/Normal IL. We have a board meeting Wednesday at 6:30 pm - Normal West Community High School.


Kevin Dennis
Kevin Dennis
19 juli 2021

Ilinois High School Sports Central 22,209 strong Our Powerful Email to over 2,000 board members in IL, so far it has pushed to get 127 schools mask optional & more to come IHSSCentral Facebook IHSSCentral Twitter

This Email Has Been Sent To In 2.207 Illinois Board Members

I am Kevin Dennis Admin Of the Group Illinois High School Sports Central & Our Twitter page, member base total 21,331.

As you know many districts have made masks optional this fall and that is the purpose of this email. I am writing in concern from many parents across IL on moving school districts to optional masks this fall. Many have told us that the liability issues are the problem.

Well, I do not…

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