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A.C.T. Pillars of Nonpartisan School Board Leadership

Awake Illinois launched after the 2021 local elections to better support Illinois communities and grassroots candidates. It takes courage to be in the trenches defending parental rights, due process, and freedom. As a result of our bold advocacy, we’ve been slandered, defamed, protested, harassed, and threatened. Nonetheless, our grit has inspired others to join the movement, which cannot be canceled.

The true extremist ideology running rampant across our country and state doesn’t seek to debate; it seeks to destroy. This inability to have proper discourse-aptly known as “cancel culture”-is degrading our society. In lieu of defending its platform, they falsely accuse people of bigotry, racism, extremism, etc. with ad hominem attacks.

For example, rather than defend their position that sexual discussions should start in Kindergarten via radical “comprehensive sexual education” (see, they attack anyone who seeks to debate the issue. This dishonest and intellectual infantilism has cast a dark shadow over our state and most recently, during local school board campaigning. Governor Pritzker and the Democrat side of the aisle have spent upwards of $300,000 dollars to attack Illinois Moms, Dads, and candidates. They’ve used mailers, websites, and even school district email lists/resources to disrupt these nonpartisan elections.

It is nothing short of shameful but to their credit, they are unapologetic and ruthless. They know this is a race and Awake IL is proud to be considered their biggest opposition. In reality, this isn’t about right versus left—it’s about right versus wrong.

One of the most common phrases we hear as freedom activists is “I support what you guys are doing—I just can’t do what you do because of work/politics/fear/discomfort/[insert numerous reasons here].”


You can—but won’t. To those of you who for two years drank from the heavy buckets of water that we carry, WAKE UP and VOTE SMART Tuesday, April 4th.

No excuses.

This is your chance to support candidates who will put the people of your community before politics. With only 30% of all Illinois students reading at grade level, they undeniably deserve better. How you vote will determine where the majority of your property tax dollars are spent, what curricula is implemented in schools, and ultimately, the values of your property.

The road to April 4th hasn’t been easy for any person who won’t bow to partisan gamesmanship. Being an independent thinker these days is perceived as a threat to any radical agenda. To maintain integrity is commendable and we applaud all candidates who run ethical campaigns.

As a registered nonpartisan civic organization, our nonprofit has identified candidates in over 40 school board races who represent the three A.C.T. pillars of nonpartisan school board leadership:

  • Accountability to all Stakeholders

  • Curricula Integrity

  • Transparent Governance

The list is not exhaustive and is merely a resource for voters. Special thanks to Wirepoints for providing the data for numerous school districts. The candidate list is posted with sample ballots at We did not respond to any candidate requests regarding endorsements nor did we contribute funds to any candidate PAC.

We encourage all voters to:

  • Share this list with your contacts via text, email, and social media. Send to everyone you know between now and Tuesday. Make it a daily routine.

  • Call 10 friends and ask them if they've made a plan to vote. Ask if they know who to support for school board and share this list with them. NOTE: The photo of your district sample ballot can also be saved to any device for ease of sharing.

  • Repeat

  • Repeat

  • Repeat

  • VOTE APRIL 4th!

Now it is your turn to be unapologetic, Illinois.

Election Day is this Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Find your nearest voting location here:


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