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The I.E.A. is scared, y'all!

Attorney Tom DeVore (American Freedom Society) and Awake IL President Shannon Adcock discuss the latest propaganda pushed by the Illinois Education Association (state teacher union). We are hearing from educators throughout the state who are so incredibly disillusioned with the political games being played by the IEA. Educators no longer feel represented by the union and it's understandable. The union districts that are trying to insert themselves into the unprecedented lawsuit filed against the state by 700+ Illinois parents didn't even take a vote on the decision. Why? They want to maintain their political power. However, they are weakening...and increasingly divided.

View the propaganda:

Full disclosure: Awake Illinois would love more "fuel" as we don't get any help from "corporate wealth" (or "dark money") and the word "attack" is dramatic. The public education system isn't above criticism or oversight.

Parents are paramount in the fight for students, not unions.

Awake Illinois is making amazing strides to UNITE our communities on the common principles of freedom, parental rights, and balanced government. Whether legislation, health, education, or CRT, our advocacy welcomes donations so that our volunteers don't have to bankroll the very important work that is helping communities throughout the state.

Q1 2022 expenses will involve travel costs to Springfield to meet with legislators, hosting informational seminars with top state and national experts, and administrative support for our chapter chairs.

As a 501c4, our donation list is private and donations are not tax deductible. Together, we will transform Illinois into a state that respects our rights, our values, and our liberties.

We are Awake Illinois and they cannot cancel us.

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