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SB1169; Amends Healthcare Right of Conscience Act

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


#SB1169 passed last night with a 31-24 vote (4 abstained).

We will never forget these votes, especially in November 2022. Grassroots advocacy is ON FIRE and this bill ignited something really awesome for our state. Well done, Illinois. This is just the beginning-see more below.



We are AWAKE! Listen to remarks of Awake Illinois President regarding this bill and the outlook going forward.

Have a great weekend! Happy Halloween!


OCT. 28, 7:12pm

TOTAL WITNESS SLIPS as of this entry: 20,863

Earlier this afternoon, with only an hour allowance for witness slips to be submitted prior to Senate Exec. Committee, 11,000 oppositions were submitted. Oral testimony was presented by IL citizens and advocates to the Executive Committee members. Thanks to Ryan Cunningham of Troy, IL with Speak for Students, Steve Lucie of Basco, IL with We Stand for Students & Awake Illinois, and Tamara Williams (a secondary education staffer who was fired last week after denial of religious exemption to vacc and testing).

Ryan Audio:

Awake Illinois submitted written record of opposition to #SB1169 to the Executive Committee this afternoon:

We await Senate vote on #SB1169...

It will set the stage for the 2022 election cycle...

We the People are AWAKE.


OCT. 28 AT 1:24pm

Senate Democrats just announced Caucus meeting for 1:45pm.

Senate Republicans Caucus meeting immediately for one hour.

Regular session stands in recess.

Stay tuned...

Watch Senate Session LIVE here: It will have a still photo when not in session or when session mic is off.


OCT 28 Update:

9:45am-PRESSURE ALL DEMOCRAT SENATORS NOW OCT 27 @ 10:48pm SB1169 passed w/ 64-52 vote (click for recap)


Alright, y' did the 52000 witness slips. Guess what? The Governor thinks it's bogus. He suggests that the witness slips were fraudulent/bots.

Good news/Bad news:

Bad news first: #SB1169 passed the house tonight at 10:30pm with a 64-52 vote (2 present).

Good news: Some Senators are getting cold feet on this bill. Rightfully. It's a mess of government intrusion and we are FED UP, aren't we? YEP. If these are your Senators and you live in this district, it's especially important contact them via email/website listed below AND call them!

We know it's annoying as's INSANE. But, it's time to be wise like serpents and innocent as doves. Contact the Senate Democrats NOW. Script and contact info. below.

Be respectful; feel free to use the template below. Short and sweet. Show legislators that you aren't a bot nor are you relenting.


Bill Cunningham - District 18

(217) 782-5145

​(773) 445-8128

Michael E. Hastings - District 19

(217) 782-9595

(815) 464-5431

Robert F. Martwick - District 10

​(217) 782-1035

(773) 286-1115

Julie A. Morrison - District 29

(217) 782-3650

(847) 945-5200




Dear Senator __________________(Name)

I submitted one of the 50,000+ witness slips opposing SB1169. I fully oppose all amendments to the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act.

The citizens of Illinois have spoken and you are our voice. Serve your district and our state by voting "No" to SB1169.






Feel free to also share this snapshot with them. Ask if they are really fighting for “all of Illinois”.


OCT 27 Update: Grab your coffee and write your legislators asking they vote "no" to amending the Act. Do it NOW. They will be voting today at noon!

You got this!

Sample script to your legislators:

Dear Rep./Senator_________________,

Yesterday 50k+ (a record in Illinois!) of your constituents made it known that they oppose amending the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act. First responders, faith-based institutions, and your constituents went on record to ask that our elected representatives do right by the people in defending our rights and protections under the law.

While the bill moved through committee, please know we are watching this vote closely. We are awake to the failures of Illinois government and appeal to you as a leader who has an opportunity to protect our rights. I ask you to vote "No" to SB1169!

I do not want anyone legislating my will and conscience regardless of any virus today or tomorrow. The fear narrative of "global pandemic" is not becoming of any legislative body. We know our county health stats and our local government can gauge community health guidelines. We see the elites among us enjoying events maskless with their hypocrisy on full display. Yes, we are awake to the issues.

Others throughout the country are watching this vote closely too. With re-elections on the horizon, it will be the will of the people who decide whether or not legislators may continue to represent us. I hope and pray you will vote accordingly.

Sincerely, (your name)




Say "thanks" to these "Super 6" who listened to you and the 50,000 witness slips in opposition to amending Healthcare Right of Conscience Act:

copy/paste for emailing all 6 together:

Sample thank you letter to the "Super 6":

Dear Representative _________________,

I would like to express my appreciation for your "no" vote to SB1169 during last night's Executive Committee meeting. You represented the will of the people and the unprecedented 50,000 witness slips filed in opposition to SB1169. I do not want government to further encroach on my rights and liberties. The Healthcare Right of Conscience Act is a wonderful protection for Illinoisans. Thank you for leading with integrity during this tense time in our state and country.

I hope and pray the rest of the legislature shows the same integrity during the house vote today on SB1169.


[Your name, title, and organization]

HELPFUL TIP: Check out this app to quickly reference your legislators: Any Stance App or visit this link:


OCT 26 Update: Awake Illinois wants to spotlight who actually supported the voice of the people during tonight's Executive Committee hearing re/SB1169. It's worth listening to the remarks of all voices in tonight's discussion. Rep. Wheeler was conscious of the magnitude of the nearly 50,000 witness slips and prudently ensured witness voices were heard during the hearing:

  • A fireman with Chicago Fire Department spoke to the lacking transparency and communication regarding mandates and voiced concerns over the proposed amendment.

  • A representative with the Catholic Conference of Illinois also spoke against amending this bill.

  • President Shannon Adcock represented thousands of citizens by reading a statement in support of the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act.

@ 1:14:00 Representative of the governors office state... "We are seeking to clarify.." how this is being used... "We worked very closely with the Attorney General's office to come up with the language you all see here now."

These six legislators voted to oppose the amendment and thus, listened to the constituent voice and the nearly 50,000 witness slips. Please email and call them with messages of appreciation for their vote tonight to oppose the amendment. Continue contacting legislators and request they vote NO to SB1169.

These reps. ignored the constituent voices. Their votes are a trash effort to squelch the liberties of Illinois citizens.

Robert Rita (D)

William Davis (D)

Jaime M. Andrade, Jr. (D)

Kambium Buckner (D)

Jonathan Carroll (D)

Marcus C. Evans, Jr. (D)

Jehan Gordon-Booth (D)

Elizabeth Hernandez (D)

Delia C. Ramirez (D)


Executive Committee hearing streaming now thanks to Edgar County Watchdogs:


Oct. 26th Update: This statement was submitted this morning to the Executive Committee and the two sponsors of the amendment to the HCRCA. Click the PDF link below for the hyperlinks.

Download PDF • 159KB

Email the Executive Committee and the two sponsors (copy and paste):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Send your own remarks asking they oppose this amendment or feel free to send the Awake Illinois statement. Continue contacting your legislators, especially the ones listed below.


OCT. 25th Post:

Today, 18th district State Rep. Robyn Gabel filed House Floor Amendment 2 of the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act. Submit a witness slip NOW opposing this amendment as it would disallow certain viral (Covid-19) treatments and healthcare exemptions.

Remember when earlier this year, Illinois rallied to submit witness slips that defeated HB2789? Your efforts worked. The time has come again to voice your opposition to IL government overreach.

This proposed amendment has the same if not greater implications. It aims to threaten the rights and protections currently offered by the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act, particularly to employees in the workplace. This act is what is standing between numerous citizens in Illinois and the tyrannical oppression of government healthcare mandates.

UPDATE: Write these legislators NOW in addition to submitting a witness slip. If they are YOUR legistlor, call them ASAP in the morning. The highlighted legislators are top targets for constituent emails and calls. We are already up to 13k witness slips. Keep it up!!!

Download PDF • 106KB

Make your voice heard by submitting a Witness Slip NOW. Please see the diagram below for assistance. The drop-down "HFA2" has been active or inactive throughout the afternoon, FYI.

How many thousands can we get in the next hours prior to the Tuesday, Oct. 26th 3:30pm committee meeting? Let's roll!

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I’ve had 3 Smart Doctors with common sense tell me MASKS DO NOTHING. There is NO VACCINE, it’s a shot & you can get several followed by boosters, STILL GET COVID & pass it! C’Mon People!!!!!


ihssc Central
ihssc Central


*****IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED***** ***********Share Everywhere*************

Rep. Gabel

Has filed an amendment to the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act, which will Allow Government Officials to Mandate the experimental Covid 19 vaccine on your children while also mandating your employer to require the vaccine or legally allowing them to Terminate your employment!!!!


The legislation is here if you need to review:


I get an system error message when trying to submit witness slip. tried on desktop and iphone. same message

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ihssc Central

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