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How To Vote By Mail

Check out this new video tutorial on how to vote by mail. It's easy! Visit the new Awake IL VOTE page for this video and helpful links. Video is also posted to YouTube for easy sharing. Share on Twitter.

Voting by Mail is a trusted form of civic empowerment. Experts agree that this method has a greater likelihood of voters receiving the correct ballot while ensuring your vote is counted. Also, in the Midwest, many people leave town for Spring Break around local election day.

This year's local election is Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Travel, bad weather, and work schedules can often conflict with voting day efforts. Fear not. Vote By Mail is a reliable way to vote for your local government offices such as school board, Mayor, City Council, and Library board. CLICK HERE to locate your county and apply for a vote by mail ballot. All requests must be received by your local election office by March 30, 2023. Don't delay. Apply today. REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE/CHECK VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS (DEADLINE IS MARCH 19, 2023 TO REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE) VOTE BY MAIL DROPBOX LOCATIONS (IF NOT SENDING US MAIL) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS CONTACT YOUR LOCAL ELECTION AUTHORITY LOCAL ELECTION BASICS

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