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GAYS AGAINST GROOMERS: "There is no such thing as an 'all-ages' Drag [event]"

GAYS AGAINST GROOMERS is a coalition of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination and medicalization of children.

@becky_weiss_: People of the faith I’m talking to you today.

I have seen nothing but silence from the church. Is it not your obligation to flip the tables? Is it not your obligation to protect children? Is it not your obligation to defend those who cannot defend themselves?

It is. In fact, you are called to do so.

You are afraid of being called a homophobe. You are afraid of being called a transphobe. You are afraid of the church moving backwards.

You are afraid.

Take courage. Protecting children from evil is your calling.

What is happening around this country is evil. It is evil coming after our children.

You can love your gay neighbors and also recognize this is evil incarnate.

Take a stand.

If not you, then who?

Awake Downers Grove chapter is continuing the call of action to respectfully share your concerns over the Drag Queen bingo event targeted at minors. Our advocacy is rooted in integrity and out of care and concern for ALL community youth. The gay community has asked us to be a voice for the LGBTQ youth who are being used and exploited to push a radical and sexualized agenda.


In the interest of social welfare, we are providing the email of the library board trustees for you and suggest you:

1) Respectfully share your concerns and feedback. Read the Library Board bylaws here.

2) Attend the next Downers Grove Library Board Meeting Wed. Sept. 28th at 7:30pm.


Make sure your calls and messages are original and respectful.

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