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Echos of the Past: Convo with Daniel Schwartz

Updated: Mar 6

On February 7th, Daniel Schwartz joined Shannon Adcock to discuss antisemitism in our communities and why as we hear echoes of the past, courageous conversations are needed.

Daniel shared his experience with an angry crowd spewing antisemitism at Chicago's city hall during the cease-fire resolution vote, which narrowly passed 24-23 with Mayor Johnson acting as tie-breaking vote in favor of passage. Meanwhile, an angry mob chanted "nazi, nazi go home" to Daniel, who stood holding the Israeli flag.

He shares how being there and speaking publicly, is an "ancestral calling". Daniel's grandfather Irving Leavitt was a partisan fighter and holocaust survivor who emigrated from Poland to the U.S. after the war.

Also discussed is how DEI-diversity, equity, and inclusion-is stoking the fires of antisemitism, and anti-meritocracy. Please listen and share with your networks. As much as hatred can have no bounds, so too love and compassion also know no bounds. Video was broadcast live to Awake IL YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and X, which has garnered thousands of views so far.


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