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Awake IL Philanthropy

As Awake Illinois grows, we are excited to host more social and philanthropic events in communities statewide. Our first was held last month in the Awake IL headquarter community of Naperville. Comedian Ken Sevara provided the laughter and everyone enjoyed socializing. Awake IL leadership and liaisons revealed the "Awake At A Glance" timeline, which is located at the new "About" page.

We are grateful for the support of our sponsors and attendees. The sold-out event was a huge success and $2000 were raised to benefit Naperville Responds For Veterans. Shannon and Josh presented the first philanthropic donation at the March N.R.F.V. board meeting. We support the efforts of this great organization. God Bless our Veterans!

Upcoming social events hosted by Awake Illinois will have a charitable cause attached. We are in the process of selecting a philanthropic organization for our 1 year anniversary celebration scheduled for June. Stay tuned!


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