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10 days to June 18th Event!

Just 10 days to our celebration event supporting Project HOOD. Get tickets and use code AWAKE22 for 22% discount on any ticket for the event. Includes platter dinner and dessert.

This week, we had a great planning meeting with the June 18th Keynote Speaker Corey DeAngelis and Expert Panelists-see links to their bios below. Everyone is pumped and ready to empower parents and IL citizens June 18th on school choice, education reform, community engagement, and civic efforts while celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Awake IL advocacy.

Keynote and Speakers (left to right):

Frank McCormick, Formerly a Waukegan teacher turned CRT whistleblower and voice of Chalkboard Heresy

Tony Kinnet, Exec. Dir. Chalkboard Review, Indianapolis Public Schools Whistleblower, and

Pastor Randy Blan: Founder of the new GRACE Christian Schools

Special Guests:

All candidates who signed the Awake IL Parents Bill of Rights Pledge have been invited to attend as special guests. Sen. Darren Bailey, candidate for IL Governor, and wife Cindy Bailey have confirmed via their bus stop calendar. As additional special guests confirm, we will share.

We look forward to seeing you June 18th! Please reserve your tickets ASAP so we may plan accordingly for seating and dinner. Walk-in seating is not guaranteed and will not include dinner.

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